Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Regular vacuuming and stain-removal products can help, but they simply can’t match the cleaning power of professional carpet cleaning. Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County can help remove the evidence of everyday living. Yes, it takes years of knowledge and using the best carpet cleaning products and equipment, BUT, we can make the difference. Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County is a leader in advanced technology carpet cleaning services. We make sure we go deeper into your carpet, leaving it fresher and cleaner with NO reappearing spots. In addition, our average dry time for your carpet is 4 hours. Of course it depends on weather conditions and condition of the carpet.



Give Your Carpet A Deep Clean

3+1 Steps Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

Our Unique Carpet Cleaning Method

In order to fully enjoy the life of you carpet there are 4 easy steps to consider with every carpet cleaning service. It is well known that in order to reach maximum cleaning level you should apply these 3 factors in. Appropriate carpet cleaning product, right amount of agitation and the exact temperature that would break the stain residue, however, will not damage the carpet. In addition, the 4th step is an added safety step very similar to an insurance policy. The 4th carpet cleaning method step is the application of a scotch guard (carpet protection). When you choose to clean your carpet, a layer of the original layer of carpet protection is removed. Therefore, we strongly recommend to restore the protection with each carpet cleaning service you order.



Cleaning FAQ

We use a high power truck mounted steam cleaning carpet cleaning machine. In addition, we use environmentally safe carpet cleaning solvents to achieve best and safest results. Moreover, we use over 10 years of carpet cleaning knowledge and tricks we developed in order to achieve max satisfaction. Also, in case there is a need for a buffer, we also have dry carpet cleaning machines that will provide that approach.

We definitely recommend to vacuum on daily basis and in particular before the carpet cleaning is scheduled. Although our carpet cleaning equipment is strong and determined, pre-vacuuming will ensure the best carpet cleaning results.

Any area over 150 square feet but less than 300 square feet is priced as two areas. Non-standard areas are priced separately from the standard areas, usually at a lesser price. Room sizes may vary by location.

On average, it will take approximately 20 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary spot removal treatments. Moreover, we had carpet cleaned a full house in less than 2 hours before, however, we had 2 areas to clean that took over an hour. Our ultimate goal is not to beat time, but to beat the stain on your carpet.


Service Plans

Our Carpet Cleaning Coupons is our best way to give back to you. Many of you manage a house full of life and/or a busy business with high foot traffic. Therefore, we make it a point to help you get the necessary service at a time of need with affordable prices. In addition, a large sum of our customers have pets in their home with constant need of pet stain removal and odor elimination. So, you can find here a great coupon that will keep your home smelling fresh with no bacteria growing under your feet.


Carpet cleaning for any 3 areas in your home not to exceed 300 sq ft altogether. (Including Shampoo & Steam Only)
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Specials For New businesses and management companies. (minimum sq ft is required)
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