Green carpet cleaning in Irvine is at high demand. Moreover, green carpet cleaning services are more searched for as customers become more aware. As many carpet cleaning services still use the old fashion shampoo products, the industry has made a long way since. It is well known that using shampoo and soapy products on your carpet is not the best solutions for your carpet, and also leaves a residue behind. Therefore, when you walk, sit or roll on the carpet, some residue may smear onto your clothes or on your skin. In addition, of course the same happens for kids and pets.

Therefore, in order to give your carpet a safer and better treatment, green carpet cleaning is the proper approach.

A professional green carpet cleaning service will offer your top of the line products and solutions. With the proper green carpet cleaning products and approach you will get a deeper and better carpet cleaning while maintaining highest level of safety.

Green Carpet Cleaning in Irvine With Details.

Many customers ask us what does it really mean “green carpet cleaning”? Well, to simplify things a bit we must say that all green carpet cleaning products still have to go through some chemical process. However, the ingredients are natural and eco friendly.

For example, for deep black stains and deep carpet cleaning, using citrus based carpet cleaning solutions is key. There are different plants that have high potency extract, and that is what we use. Morevoer, the extract is so strong that in penetrates deep into the carpet and dissolve the hard stains and dust particles that have settled there for a long time. In addition, it would leave a fresh natural lemony odor on your carpet.

Green Carpet Cleaning And Pet Stain Removal.

Also for natural products and green carpet cleaning products are very helpful when it comes to pet stain removal. Just like the citrus products would dissolve the toughest stains, same goes for pet stain removal. By using high potency natural products we are able to create a chain reaction that dissolves and kills odor causing molecules in your carpet without damaging the carpet itself.

Therefore, for best green carpet cleaning in Irvine, please contact Local Air Duct Cleaning & Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County.

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