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In case you are a home owner and looking to get your carpet cleaning Orange County done, you got to the right place. Here we will elaborate a bit about carpet cleaning Orange County benefits and special characters. First it is important to understand the layout of a regular residential carpet. Normally when we do carpet installation, we use a buffer layer of pad between the concrete and the carpet. The pad has many benefits including insulation, however, the pad holds some downfalls as well. The typical pad underneath your residential carpet is composed of a sponge. That means that every time something spills on the carpet, it will also penetrate the pad and will most likely stay there. That is normally what you refer to as black spots and reappearing stains on your carpet.

Residential carpet cleaning Orange County as the ultimate and long term solution.

When we provide our carpet cleaning Orange County process we understand the ins and outs of the carpet and its layout. In addition, we take under consideration the grade of the carpet and the type of pad used. In addition, while calculating the variables we are able to approach the carpet cleaning Orange County with the best method and solvents available. Moreover, your carpet cleaning Orange County does not use the appropriate cleaning method, it could ruin your carpet. In many homes when we are called for carpet cleaning Orange County it is often to make up for the mistakes of a previous company. By using the wrong pressure and amount of heat, put together with lower grade products, the results would show. As soon as the carpet will dry you will notice left over residue, crispy feeling carpet and potentially worse stains.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Orange County Advise and Suggestions.

You should know that the carpet manufacturers ask for a steam carpet cleaning Orange County once every 8-10 months. That is in order to maintain the warranty on the carpet, just as you have to change oil in your car. Your residential carpet is extremely fluffy, soft and comfortable, however, without the proper maintenance it will not stay like that for long. Therefore, we strongly advise for a periodical deep carpet cleaning to your carpet including the right solvents for best results.

Scotch-Guard Carpet Protection.

In addition, we also recommend every other cleaning to apply a scotch-guard to your carpet. Applying the scotch-guard after a residential carpet cleaning will enhance the carpet’s ability to repeal stains and absorb them. Your carpet comes from the factory freshly dipped in scotch guard. With every day usage your carpet loses its layer of protection. Therefore, depending on the usage of your carpet you will need to consider scotch-guard protection. A good maintenance on your carpet could double the time you could keep using the carpet. Please contact us for more information about our carpet cleaning Orange County services.

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