We served an emergency water damage service for a sever flood in Orange County.

It was not a pretty site when we arrived to the scene. However, let us tell this story from the begining.

We experienced a couple of abnormal weeks of winter like weather in Orange County lately. It has rained especially in south county cities very hard. Moreover, many of the local building and houses were not prepared for the heavy loads of rain and water that dropped down. Therefore, we have gotten many emergency flood service calls lately. However, this flood call was nothing like we have seen before.

We got a call on Friday late morning asking for emergency water damage service in south county. Over the phone we were notified that roughly 4,000 square foot basement has suffered a sever floor from all the rain. So, we rushed to the scene in order to give our quick first response to the event. As we walked down to the basement we saw the entire floor was flooded with about 1/2 inch of water over the carpet! Of course only later on we discovered the overall space was roughly 6,000 square feet. That means a lot of water needed to be extracted.

Our ability to offer emergency water damage service

As we saw this extreme situation we knew we needed 3 crews working on this job. We figured this large basement will take a few hours to clean the water. Thankfully, we were able to still serve our regular carpet cleaning schedule while also attentding this water damage.

As we are working trying to extract as much water as we can, we knew it would take a couple of hours just to reduce the level of water. However, once we were able to reach the carpet and the floor, everything was moving much faster. Nevertheless, we then discovered another issue with this flood that no one has expected.

Slab leak water damage service

Once the situation was under control we were able to notice that some areas that we had finished drying got flooded within the hour once again. As we had noticed all areas are going under the same routine, we realized that it must be a slab leak from under ground. Therefore, it means that as soon as we are done extracting water, the basement would get flooded again .

Thankfully due to our quick response and attention to details, this water damage was handled properly.

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