Professional Green Carpet Cleaning Service – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Orange County.

Whether you have an office space, dental office or a restaurant, professional green carpet cleaning is the way to go. Green carpet cleaning for your commercial carpet is the safe way to go for your carpet and your employees.

Over the years we collect dist and dust in our carpet. Then, together with some spills and wet shoes from the outside, we create deep black stains on the carpet. In addition, the foot traffic lanes on the commercial carpet also build up and carpet begins to get matted. Therefore, in order to fully extract and clean the commercial carpet, professional commercial carpet cleaning is advised.

What Is Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

There are mainly two ways to professionally clean a commercial carpet. First, there is the chem-dry scrub commercial carpet cleaning, and steam cleaning. Typically, the chem-dry scrubbing method is advised when you have a periodical commercial carpet cleaning service. This method encapsulates the dirt on your carpet and scrubs it off. This method is also a much faster process and cost less. However, it does not offer deep carpet cleaning and in sever cases results will not last.

Therefore, you can also enjoy the fully truck mounted steam cleaning system to clean your commercial carpet. In addition, we use green carpet cleaning products that are citrus based and very potent. With our unique system we are able to penetrate with the green carpet cleaning product into your carpet so it lifts up the old dried dirt. Then, we use a professional truck mounted steam cleaning system to agitate, apply steam and heat and forcefully extract the residue off your carpet.

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