A Letter From Your Professional Carpet Cleaner.

We have noticed that many of you ask us and wonder, why do I need a professional carpet cleaner? Well, there are so many details that we would like to explore and explain on this subject. However, we will do our best to touch the most important subject matter to you and elaborate on it a bit in detail. First, we would like to emphasize that you CAN actually DIY carpet cleaning. Nevertheless, the results will not be the same, even if you try hard. The key factor for this is the top notch equipment and years of knowledge. In addition, the professional carpet cleaning products will also make the difference. Therefore, if you insist on doing it yourself with all the right equipment and gain that knowledge – do it. However, we believe it would be much cheaper to call a professional carpet cleaner for the job.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment.

Normally the best carpet cleaning equipment you can rent is a rug doctor. Sometimes you might be able to find better portable equipment at some janitorial stores. However, in this case you are looking at $50-$100 for a daily rental for the machine only. Nevertheless, the truck mounted professional carpet cleaner is much stronger and actually generates steam. The steam, the pressure and the strong suction is really what makes the biggest difference.

Professional carpet cleaning product.

In addition to some professional carpet cleaner equipment you can find at the janitorial store, you could also find high grade solvents. The professional carpet cleaner uses pure form of products and knows the exact dilution for the job. However, if you still insist on buying the diluting the carpet cleaning products by yourself, expect another $50-$150 expense depending on the job.

Professional carpet cleaner years of knowledge.

Many of your stain around the house are easy to clean with basic knowledge. However, a significant amount of the stain around the house demand lots of knowledge and experience with the right approach. Quite often you can block a stain forever when you do not choose the right professional carpet cleaner for the job in first place. In addition, lacking the knowledge and acquiring it will take some hours of research. Your time is definitely worth money, therefore, do the calculation yourself to see if its worth it.

Professional carpet cleaner savings.

Adding the sums together gets you to a minimum investment of $100 for a basic and regular job that does not entail too many variations of solvents. In addition, add the many hours, probably a whole day, it would take to accomplish the carpet cleaning, and it does not seem to worth it anymore. Please contact us for more information about our professional carpet cleaner experience and solutions to your home.

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