Pet stain carpet cleaner solvent available at the stores.

Most of you who suffer from reoccurring pet accidents around the house must be familiar with all solvents. You must have tried every pet stain carpet cleaner available at the stores. Whether you got it at a pet store or at Target, you are pretty much getting the same type of pet stain carpet cleaner. In order to have a deeper understanding of pet stains and their issue, we will elaborate on the subject here. The two main issues that your pet accident bring (or any bodily fluids for that manner) are bacteria and Ammonia. Ammonia mostly functions very similar to bleach, therefore you experience bleach like stains. however, bacteria is what you should really worry about. Moreover, due to the fact that the carpet is laid on a pad, which is a sponge, bacteria grows fast.

Pet stain carpet cleaner for removing the bacteria.

Normally we would say there are only 2 ways to get rid of bacteria. First, what all of you must use around the house, regular bleach. However, bleach obviously can not be used on your carpet because it would bleach it with ugly discoloration. Therefore, there is no use in bleach on your carpet or upholstery when comes to do with bacteria. Therefore, luckily for everyone in the past years a new product was introduced to the carpet cleaning market, the “enzyme.” The enzyme is a biodegradable, green carpet cleaner that is based on a live bacteria in it. Therefore, when applied in carpet cleaning and green upholstery cleaning it does not bleach the surface.

Pet stain carpet cleaner as a live bacteria.

This bacteria will kill and defuse any other bacteria it comes to touch with. However, due to the fact that is has a live bacteria in it, it much not be mixed with any other ingredients, including water. There is a specific way to dilute the enzyme with special filtered water, however, most of you do not have this option. Therefore, it must be used in its original form. Moreover, the enzyme like products in the stores are mostly diluted with other soap like materials which eliminates the effects of the enzyme.

Pet stain carpet cleaner you buy at the store.

Therefore, the products you buy at the stores have lost their potency and will not perform the desired work. In order to have a better understanding we can elaborate about the enzyme looks. The live bacteria of the enzyme makes it a thick off white fluid. So, please take a close look inside your bottle. Now, see whether its as thick as milk, or does it look more like water.

Pet stain carpet cleaner warning.

For the most part the pet stain carpet cleaner at the stores meant to deodorize your issue. With our experience we know that those pet stain carpet cleaner products have bleach ingredients in them. They break in extreme heat and create a bleach spot. Therefore, we strongly recommend for you to avoid using carpet cleaners from the stores and contact a local carpet cleaning service.

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