Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning in Orange, CA.

On our latest carpet cleaning in Orange, CA, we encounter a double whammy. The carpet was suffering from sever foot traffic and pet stains all over it. As you can see in the photo attached to this article, the carpet was in a serious need for deep carpet cleaning. When the customer first reached she asked great questions, as all customers should. And of course we have provided with the proper reply for each question. Apparantly, our customer has had a bad experience in the past with a carpet cleaning service. However, we made sure to make our point that we will provide a much better experience. Our customer searched for professional deep carpet cleaning in Orange, CA, and she found it.

Pet Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning in Orange, CA.

Since the last time our customer had her carpet cleaned, she mentioned it was roughly three years. The experience was so bad, she did not want to go through it again. However, the condition of the carpet has hit rock bottom, so she had to call a professional carpet cleaner in Orange to do the job. We strongly advised our customer to treat the entire carpet with our special pet stain removal carpet cleaning formula, and she agreed to go with our suggestion. In this carpet cleaning service we had to use great amount of product in order to make a difference. However, luckily we managed to impress our customer with our skills.

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Orange, CA, For The Long Run.

Our customer was very impressed with our job, however, she mentioned she knows many of the stains resurface. So, of course we told her in the current condition there was much dirt and residue on the pad. Therefore, we expect some of it to resurface. Nevertheless, we made sure to pay extra attention to careful suction in order to eliminate as much of the dirt and residue as we could.

For more information about our deep carpet cleaning in Orange, CA, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning OC.

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