Deep Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, California.

We would like to suggest a great question to begin this article. What is so special about this deep carpet cleaning in Irvine, California? This is a valid question that should be asked, and we would love to take this opportunity and share with you this story. Also, we believe there is a lot to learn from this recent deep carpet cleaning in Irvine, California. But first, let us share the step by step details of this job.

Arriving to the scene.

We were scheduled for next day move out carpet cleaning in Irvine, California. Therefore, we gave the customer a flexible time we can arrive and he said its fine, the house will be open. So, we arrived to the house and let ourselves in. Now it was time to take a good look at the carpet and how should we approach it.

Cheap carpet with poor maintenance.

What we had discovered in the house was a very low end carpet that was installed and a very poor maintenance done to it over the years. Parts of the carpet were completely black. In addition, we do know that on a cheap carpet it is very hard to make a difference. However, we told the customer the we will be spotting every square inch of the carpet and do our best. Nevertheless, the carpet is in really bad shape and we are not expecting miracles.

Carpet cleaning in Irvine, California with TLC.

After spotting every fiber on this carpet we had turned on the machine to maximum heat and increased the pressure just a bit to go deep into the carpet. In some cases it is important to us to go deeper into the carpet in first shot. It allows us to really get to the bottom of the stains without going over many time. Doing so could cause damage to the carpet and the pad underneath.

Altogether the customer said we exceeded his expectations and he is very happy with the job.

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