Deep upholstery cleaning in Anaheim Hills.

As we arrived to our job site for carpet cleaning in anaheim Hills, we started setting up and did a walk through with the customer. Then as we passed through the living rooom, the customer asked if we had time to clean his couches. Of course for our customers we always have time, we said. Also, lookign at the couches we realized that deep uphosltery cleaning is a must. Having kids at home really rushes the process of everything getting dirty and worn out. Therefore, the upholstery cleaning in Anaheim Hills this time was a brilliant decision.

Our process for this upholstery cleaning in Anaheim Hills.

Due to the sever condition of some cushion, we had to increase our upholstery cleaning formula to its max potency. Then, we take our time to brush and agitate the solution in to the upholstery and the cushion underneath. Now its time to get the uphosltery steam cleaned and suck out all the dirty residue. The dirty residue in the couch now consist of the broken stains, our carpet cleaning products and the steam shooting in. Then our uphosltery tool is able to suck out this dirty compound out of the uphosltery.

If needed we repeat our upholstery cleaning process over again in order to asure the best results. Often we find upholstered furniture that has sever stains that have newer stains on top of them. Therefore, in order to remove all stains from a certain area, more than one application of our formula is necessary.

Check out our upholstery cleaning in Anaheim hills today.

We hear from our new customers how hard it is to find a reliable uphosltery cleaning company that would really go the extra mile. Well, here we are doing our best to deliver to you what Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County is about for the past 10 plus years. If you are also looking for upholstery cleaning in Anaheim Hills, contact Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County for immediate assitance.


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