We offer professional rug cleaning in Orange County.

Orange County, CA, is know for the beautiful weather, the amazing beach line view, and more so, the beautiful houses. Many of our customers around Orange County have gorgeous homes. Moreover, you also decorate and style your home with an exquisit taste. Due to the hot weather, many of your homes consist of beautiful tile floors, mainly at the first level. Therefore, in order to add the warmth to the room and accent it with a beautifuk piece of art, you bring in a rare and vibrant looking area rug. Whether you choose a wool rug, or a hand made persian rug, the choice always seems to be perfect.

The importance of a professional rug cleaning in Orange County.

When you choose to bring in a precious rug into your home, you should also know how to take care of it in the best of ways. Whether you have a persian rug or a wool rug, great precaution is needed in order to clean your rug without causing any damage. Wool rugs and oriental rugs are very delcate. They are made of natural fibers, while most of the oriental rugs are also hand made. That means the colors are delicate and could run off quite easy. In addition, deformation of the rug could also appear if the cleaning is not done with the right water temprature.

Therefore, when it is time to clean your beautiful rug, please search for local rug cleaning in Orange County, CA. Or, you can give us a call to schedule a service.

We offer dry cleaning for your rug cleaning in Orange County.

In many cases your are rug would need a dry cleaning process. For that we take in the rugs into our facility for a long process in a controlled environment. We offer a pick up and delivery service. That means we will come to you to pick up the rug, bring it for our top rated rug cleaning facility, and deliver it back.

Nevertheless, if you wish to clean the rug at your own premises, we are fully equipped for such service as well.

For more information about rug cleaning in Orange County, CA, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County.

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