Pet stains carpet cleaning in Turtle Rock, Irvine.

Thankfully we are always ready for immediate assistance. Whether you live in Irvine, or anywhere else in Orange County. We are ready to help you with same day carpet cleaning service. This time we were called for emergency carpet cleaning in Turtle Rock, Irvine. The customer has a sick cat that pooped in 3 different rooms. Altogether the smell was bad and the cat trace the poop around the carpet. Therefore, the customer decided to deal with it immediately. Within one hour we were able to respond arrived to the house.

As we always do, we applied our 100% pure enzyme on the carpet before we even set up. That means the anti bacterial gets a good 20 minutes to dissolve the proteins of the bacteria. Then when we are ready to clean the carpet, it all comes off smoothly. However, we never settle for a clean carpet, we want to make sure it will dry up in the best way.

Post-treatment carpet cleaning in Turtle Rock, Irvine.

In order to assure that nothing was left on the carpet, its important for us to add a post treatment. We realized that often some small particles penetrate deep into the carpet. And all it takes is a couple of small crumps to make the space smell terrible. Therefore, when we are done with the full carpet cleaning process, we then apply our special post-treatment carpet cleaning solutions to make sure no bacteria will make its way back. If you are also experiencing pet accidents on your carpet, ask our specialists about our special post-treatment carpet cleaning solution.

Same day carpet cleaning in Turtle Rock, Irvine.

As we mentioned before, this carpet cleaning in Turtle Rock was an emergency carpet cleaning service within the hour. Thankfully our office is located only a few minutes away and we were able to send a response right away. However, we always have techs on the field working and ready to take any emergency call that would save our customers’ carpet.

For more information about our same day carpet cleaning in Turtle Rock, Irvine, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County.