Re-do carpet cleaning in Irvine.

We know what you may think, we were called for a re-do carpet cleaning in Irvine due to a poor job. Well, you are partially right, however, this is not our re-do carpet cleaning. For the past few months we had noticed a sever phenomenon in Orange County carpet cleaning needs. More so, this is really mostly occur in Irvine. Customers are calling us to make for for work of other companies. Now, we are not writing to you about this in order to set us apart of everyone else. But mainly we are concerned about our customers.

Aparantly there are carpet cleaning services offering their professional carpet cleaning in Irvine and Orange County in general. Moreover, these companies carry only portable machines and unexperienced carpet technicians that do not have the knowledge or equipment to perform the job correctly. Therefore, you find yourself stuck with a dirty carpet, yet you have paid a full amount.

Our carpet cleaning in Irvine is here to stay.

What we find to be much more disturbing is that those carpet cleaning companies are not offering any warranty. Also, we hear from customers that thry can not get a hold of the company and they are just left with a dirty carpet and no one to talk to. That is exactly what we would like to emphisize to our new comers. We have served carpet cleaning in Irvine and Orange County for over a decade. We were chosen for a top pick carpet cleaners in Orange County many years. In addition, we are here to stay for many more years. That means that if we did not complete our carpet cleaning job to your satisfaction, we will come back out there to fix the issue.

Therefore, when you are calling the best carpet cleaning in Irvine, California, you are getting the best value from us. For more information about our same day carpet cleaning in Irvine, CA, please contact Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County.