Is Attic Cleaning Needed With Air Duct Cleaning?

The simple answer to this question is no. However, here we would like to elaborate about the different services so its more clear for your what to do.

Air Duct Cleaning.

Over time your air duct system is getting contaminated with dust, and in some cases with different bacteria. In addition, the main return, which is the main air intake, sucks in air to push around the house. Therefore, even if your replace the filter often, some dust particles will penetrate and start to pile up. In a well maintained system it could take up to 10 years. However, in systems where filters are not often replace and the environment is not as clean, even 2-3 years could demand a deep air duct cleaning.

Nevertheless, before we begin our air duct cleaning work, we always perform a thorough inspection. It is our duty to make sure your air ducts are healthy and in good shape. In addition, we are also looking for potential asbestos in the attic and/or pesticides droppings. In case we find any contamination in the attic, we disclose it to the customer and offer an attic cleaning service.

Attic Cleaning.

In many attics we find rat droppings, different pesticides and even asbestos. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean and disinfect your attic so you will not breathe that around the house. Thankfully our crews are well trained to inspect and discover potential issues in the attic, as its a safety percussion on our end.

Air Duct Cleaning In Newport Beach.

In the photo attached to this article you will see an attic cleaning work and air duct cleaning in Newport Beach, California. We were contacted by the owner that wanted us to clean the air ducts in a rental property as the tenants were complaining about the quality of the air. Throughout our inspection we found some infestation in the attic and elaborated the details to the owner. Then we proceeded for a complete attic cleaning and air duct cleaning service that went very well. After we were done we tested the unit and the tenants were very happy and could immediately tell the difference.

For more information about our attic cleaning and air duct cleaning service, please contact Local Air Duct Cleaning & Green Carpet Cleaning Orange County.


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